What to expect

Write a Will Online

Writing a will is no longer a chore – we see it as a “living legacy” – Allowing you to provide for your loved ones when you are no longer around.

It is important to review your will regularly to reflect your wishes towards your financial and family situation.

Simply register and complete a few basic questions which allows your will to be created – allow 15 to 30 minutes to complete – our live chat is on hand to answer your questions.

Create a Will Online
Will and Estate Planning

Checking your will

For more complex estate planning we can refer you to one of our recommended will and estate planning representatives*

Sign your will

When you are happy with your will, simply pay through our secure checkout process and generate your will. You can now print it and have it signed by two witnesses.

Remember to print, sign and have your Will witnessed each time you update it.

Create a Will Online
Keep Your Signed Will Safe

Keep it safe!

Tell your executors where you store your will, we would recommend you keep it with your passport or birth or marriage certificate.

Here’s some good advice from The Money Advice Service about storing your will